Writing a weather report ks2 sats

Many countries such as those in Asia and North America experience extreme winds and storms such as hurricanes, cyclones, tornadoes. Forecasters do not use a script but present the weather talking naturally, putting over the points they have prepared.

Create your own weather story Image caption School Reporters from Wales present the weather live on News Day Get the students to put together a weather forecast. Specially trained people called meteorologists use computers to help them predict what the weather will be over the next few hours and days.

Changes in temperature cause winds to form which then move pockets of warm or cold air around. They writing a weather report ks2 sats long cold winters and their summers are pretty cold too.

The coldest temperature ever recorded in the UK was in Braemar in Scotland in There is often heavy rain or sleet, hail or snow, and thunder and lightning.

These all have very strong winds which can knock buildings over and rip trees up from the ground. A south westerly wind in the UK is warm, while a northerly wind is cold. The temperature that day rose to In the winter when the northern hemisphere is furthest from the sun we sometimes we get clear skies with bitterly cold wind, as well as snow.

Equipment includes rain gauges, anemometers, thermometers, barometers and sun gauges. Temperatures in the UK tend to reach the high 20s and low 30s degrees Celsius at the height of summer. They can also cause flooding.

The warmest temperature ever recorded in the UK was in Brogdale, Kent in What is the main message you want to get across? Parts of Russia and Greenland and parts of Canada are in the Polar Regions and experience a tundra climate.

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Storms generally form when a large section of cold dry air bashes into a large section of warm moist air. What information do they want to put across and in what order will they present it? Watch the video and then discuss: These countries have the Equator running through them and are closest to the sun.

Gallery About Weather is caused when the Earth is heated in an uneven way by the sun.

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What will you start with? Extreme temperatures like these can be very dangerous if people are outside for prolonged periods.

Weather is predicted using satellite images of the Earth and weather stations. Storms tend to have thick dark clouds and strong winds. The weather in the UK is warmer when we are closer to the sun in the summer, and when warm winds blow warm air in from the south.

On hot sunny days we wear cool light clothes, while on cold, rainy days we need more layers like jumpers and a waterproof coat. Some countries, such as BrazilKenya and Indonisia experience extreme heat, where temperatures reach over degrees. It is essential the information provided is timely, accurate and useful to as many people as possible.Assessment Tests Maths SPaG Reading Planning and Assessment English Revision Assessment & Targets Lesson Planning SATs Writing a Non-Chronological Report and Activity Sheet contains: Homepage» Republic of Ireland» English Medium Schools» 3rd/4th Class» English» Writing» Genre/Creative Writing» Report Writing 4/4(13).

What is weather? How does weather differ around the world? Weather is the way the air and the atmosphere feels. It includes the outside temperature, strength of the wind, and whether it is raining, sunny, hailing, snowing, sleeting, foggy, or cloudy.

The friends discuss the need for facts rather than opinion, sentence structure and word choice. Technical language is more appropriate than descriptive language. Facts are more appropriate than opinion. The friends reword the competition entry in order to make it more report-like and less opinion based.

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Welcome to the Weather Report prompt sheet. Worksheet. This is a hugely popular revision tool for the Y6 Reading SATS test! Get ready for the KS2 reading assessments with this SATS Question /5(11).

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A useful introduction to report. Together, students should come to some conclusions on how they think the weather will transpire over the next few days. The student assigned should then write a short, 1-page report detailing current conditions, their possible causes, and what predictions the group has agreed upon for future weather.

Writing a weather report ks2 sats
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