Travel website design

The first thing visitors see is a stunning landscape. Figure out what your competitors are doing, then aim to come up Travel website design a unique approach. But unlike any of the others, it presents the various regions and attractions with a video game-inspired design.

We have been working with Luxury Lodges of Australia for over 5 years and recently completed another major redesign of their website.

But regardless of your industry or niche, there are a few important points to keep in mind when working on your site: The tone and typography is beautiful and unique, especially for a tourism website.

Of Travel website design, the site looks nice. On this site, for example, even the subtle, natural-toned color scheme is designed to match the scenic imagery. Try to set your site apart from the rest.

Belize Tourism Board MassVacation. Altogether, the site does a nice job of minimizing distractions. Visit Idaho The next state-focused site on our list, Visit Idahois a breeze to use.

The image elicits an emotional response, and the action-oriented text encourages visitors to put that excitement towards their own adventure. This makes the navigation process extremely straightforward.

Travel Website Design

And a large map drives visitors to destination-based information. Seeing it change colour as the sun sets over the ancient land is an unforgettable experience. And when visitors scroll over the top navigation bar, illustrations of thought bubbles, pillows, and maps appear adding a warm personal touch.

It shows an effort to give visitors the most important information as quickly as possible. We designed and built the Park Regis brand website, and a website for each hotel. This is essentially a form of social proof.

We know what your customers need to see so that they will buy from you.

The 20 Best Designed Tourism Websites in the World

Australian Travel Destination Websites Wiki Australia Wiki Australia is an online travel and resort guide providing visitors to the site with a very extensive range of information on virtually every travel and tourist destination within Australia. For example, after clicking on a link, the backdrop fades drawing focus to the featured text.

Right from the start, the site keeps things direct and to the point. The images show the fictional side of the destination and how real people can interact with it. Live Africa As a tourism site for an entire continent, Live Africa has an extremely large job.

These give a more in-depth look than even the most high-quality photos could, so visitors can choose a vacation spot and explore it from the comfort of their home. A website that manages bookings, keeps customers informed but most importantly achieves your business aims. But all of this information is neatly organized into tabs, instead of cluttering up the homepage.

20 Example Travel Websites That Will Get You Moving

Park Regis Hotels Leisure Inn Leisure Inn is a fast growing hotel brand offering comfortable accommodation in locations across Australia with new developments underway in New Zealand, Morocco and India.

We can help manage your reputation online and help you use emails and social media to engage with your customers and drive more sales. Almost all websites employ this technique, but Go To Hungary is the most extreme example.

When done well, your copy can be your pitch, presentation, and close all on its own.

We get you.

Obviously a beautiful new site was needed, but more importantly we needed to attract more traffic and do more to convert their visitors in to customers. Never before has Australia had a critical mass of experience-based luxury properties to appeal to upscale global travellers and adventure seekers.

Common Content Formats Two content formats are used on the majority of the tourism websites that we examined. Travel Oregon Outside of large images on the landing page, VisitNorway.The 20 Best Designed Tourism Websites in the World But their design sense is right on and should be an example to destinations still stuck in the era of online brochures.

Websites created. 36 Beautiful Travel & Tourism Websites & WordPress Themes. From hotels to travel blogs to gorgeous destinations, these websites.

Travel and tourism website design and marketing strategy is one of our specialties. Let us use our years of experience to help your business! We decided to write this article on the grounds of our best practices and try to define the best travel website design from our point of view in different niches and categories, as well as form some tips for each category.

Travel website design services by Orbit. We design elegant and functional travel websites for high end travel, tour companies and resorts. A well-designed website allows for ease of navigation - a feature consumers of the travel industry appreciate.

Browse our live sample travel site.

Travel website design
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