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For successful people being authentic means that they are clear in expressing their opinions and consistently truthful and transparent. Although reasons can be given to unjustified this, personally I believe that sports professional deserve this high wages.


You should spend about 40 minutes on this task. Their personal lives are compromised and they lose all privacy. If government allocates more greater word repetition: By the way my favorite is The Capacity to Let go--There is an important corollary to 1 above.

Write at least words. Many successful sports Successful professionals essay spend their childhood and adolescence training for junior competitions, become successful in 20s and Successful professionals essay in their 30s as a result of injuries or lacking physical strengths to compete with younger athletes.

However, please note that this is just one example out of many possible answers. Some people think this is fully justified while others think it is unfair. A number of issues ranging from struture of the paragraphs and inappropriate task reponse to lack of lexical resources and grammar.

In my view, paying enormous salaries to sportspeople is unnecessary. Athletes train rigorously from an early age to become peak performers in their field. They should identify the real heroes. The second reason for this is that famous athletes have to work hard in order to get good results.

Capitalism is not a matter of morality. For example, a recent study by a social service organisation revealed that Indian soldiers earn less than 10 percent of that of an average cricketer. So, Hard working and dedicated workers deserve high wages. Most of his income is out this job than batting in the field.

Secondly, the sports professional is more susceptible to serious injury. There is no hesitation in saying that celebrities like film stars and sports stars are paid considerably high amount of money than those who are in important professions like bureaucracy, doctors and engineers.

They can absorb the attention of hundreds of millions to TV screens as a consequence of their brilliant performance. To make it ethical, in my point of view, a tax code with no loopholes should be in place which has higher rates for those with multimillion monthly packages to compensate this bitter situation and dedicate this money to the well-being of humanity.

As a result of constant media attention sports professionals have become stars and celebrities and are paid huge salaries. Therefore, either the manager of matches or team owners can advertise in prime time or on their jerseys and make fortunes.

Nowadays, sports professionals are obtaining more attention among people from all over the world. I strongly agree that it is unjust that a sports person receives high salary despite the fact that many service oriented jobs such as teachers, soldiers, social service workers, doctors and nurses are low paid.

Keeping an Inventory of Accomplishment--Successful people keep track of their achievements, not because they necessarily want to put them on display, although many do, but because it reminds them, and those around them, of how overcoming the impossible is often just a matter of dogged perseverance.

They realize that agreement does not constitute infallibility. A great example of this is Mr Vishweswar, who was a chief architect of one of the major irrigation projects in India.Check out Essay 7 the Successful Professional's Laptop Bag by Chad Eaves on Amazon Music.

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The Successful Healthcare Professional; "Good [healthcare professionals] are good communicators. They are able to truly listen to their patients, empathize, and provide information about diagnosis and treatment in a way their patients will understand.

Good [healthcare professionals] are altruistic (that is, they are always ready to put. There are few exceptionally successful business professionals, for example, Michael Dell and Andy Grove. Michael Dell was interested in computers at the very.

Though money can buy conveniences and comforts, one needs much more than superficial luxuries to live a successful, well-balanced life. You just finished Sample Definition Essay - "Success". Nice work! Previous Essay Next Essay. Tip: Use ← → keys to navigate! How to cite this note (MLA). IELTS Essay Checking Correction.

Answer Checking IELTS Essay Correction: Successful Sports Professionals Earn a Great Deal More Money.

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