Starting a matatu business plan

There are other additional costs that one should incur before the business is operational. The business plan highlights informed factors like the prospected expenses, targeted clients, pricing structures, store design, labor, and marketing systems. Wanjiru says she is planning to purchase another one soon.

Take the challenge and start your own thriving second clothing enterprise. Nonetheless, as the business grows, it is important to hire some employees.

In she joined Coastal Shuttle buses that ply the Mombasa town-Mishomoroni route. Every client desires quality and durable clothing, therefore, to keep your customers, always ensure to meet their expectations. Some will think that we are in the industry because we are desperate for men.

Very few farmers in this region practice horticulture as well as dairy farming which is giving people millions of shillings elsewhere. You would not want to find yourself in the wrong side of the law.

Before releasing any money to buy land or a house, be careful. Also, ensure to set up fitting rooms, back storage and create conducive space for clients to walk around while shopping.

For a small-scale business at its initial stages, it is always advisable to go for the latter option. It was challenging at the beginning. Always keep some money aside for emergencies…the matatu business is not the type to operate on a shoestring budget.

Such buyer can decide to replace the car engine, which costs at least ksh. Fuel is the number one major expense in this business. Although at initial stages of business, most entrepreneurs prefer running their businesses solely. It takes around 2 years to recover the capital invested in the business if it is managed properly.

Majority of her customers were matatu crew plying the Kisauni -Bamburi and Mishoroni routes and they would encourage her to join them.

Matatu Business – 23 Important Things You Need To Know To Survive and Grow Your Fleet

Five months later she sold off the matatu at Sh, and purchased another 14 seater matatu for Sh, But people are making millions from this sector.

Always have some amount in your account sufficient to purchase a good ex-japan engine just in case the need arises. Type of PSV vehicle — and what you can expect to make in a day The vehicle you choose will starting a matatu business plan on your budget and route dynamics.

The route your vehicle plies may determine how much you make. None of the said misfortunes can be said to be of lesser consequences, for at the end of the day, it affects all of us but in different ways.

This can save you some hundreds of thousands which could be incurred in replacing worn out parts. For three months she operated the matatu, which plied the Mishomoroni- Kengeleni route.

My male colleagues at first riduculed me. By credible data, I want to emphasise on the five areas that are most important in ensuring smooth running of this entities.

There are numerous challenges associated with the business. Also, build a good relationship with a few trustworthy mechanics.Starting and running a Matatu business in Kenya is not a walk in the park.

There are numerous challenges associated with the business. It is a risk that very few people are willing to take. The biggest obstacle affecting Matatu business venture today is routes and vehicles management. This involves the regulators i.e NTSA & traffic police, Sacco’s / transport management companies and individual vehicle owners.

Business plan will vary depending on whether you will set up a store business or conduct door to door business. A well-documented business plan goes a long way in enhancing the success of your business by providing a blue print of daily business operations.

Matatu IPO There was a small SACCO’s have a reputation for running the best matatu business, and listed transport company, Many people believe starting a business is a mysterious process. They know they want to start a business, but they don't know the first steps to take.

In this chapter, you're going to find out how to get an idea. Five months later she sold off the matatu at Sh, and purchased another 14 seater matatu for Sh, Wanjiru says she is planning to purchase another one soon.

On a good day, she pockets around Sh4, and Sh3, to Sh 3, on a dry day. Jul 11,  · Wazua. Serious talk about wealth. Forum for investors, groups, SME, market, and club SK Wazua» SME» Ideas» Matatu business. 3 Pages 1 2 3 > Matatu business.

Pesh Wanjiru: I lost everything in 2008, today I make Sh. 135,000 monthly from my matatu business

Options. Last but not least you must have an incentive plan in place to promote maximum returns. I.e bailing them out on traffic offences,giving the driver or the conductor.

Starting a matatu business plan
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