Shays rebellion was not justified essay

It is true that many of Shays Party are much dispirited, others I am told are boisterous.

Their overall goal was not achieved, but the revolt made the government rethink how it was currently structured. It helped show some of the weaknesses the government had at the time and the changes it needed to make.

Posted by Emily at. The Articles of Confederation did not give the federal government the right to tax; it could only request money from states. Just coming out of the American Revolutionthe colonists were still holding on to their ideals of liberty, opportunity and freedom, but understood that they needed a new system of government to control the recently independent nation.

Being able to help protect and support their personal lifestyles, which included their homes farms, and families was why Daniel Shays and other Western Massachusetts farmers started the rebellion. Flaws were exposed in the Articles of Confederation, which helped create a new form of government thanks to the men who recognized those flaws.

Having the state produce more money would have helped farmers pay their debts instead of being tried in court. The farmers were in desperate need for more currency in the state. The rebellion proved to other states that equal representation was needed in states in order to Shays rebellion was not justified essay all citizens satisfied.

The farmers were still only thinking of themselves individually, not as a new nation— just as the states were still very separated. Which point of view is more realistic? Shays rallied hundreds of others farmers to protest against the state. By having the government put the farmers in jail and auctioning off their farms because of unpaid debts, the 2 merchants began to have an upper authority over the farmers in Massachusetts.

After putting in their service for the Continental Army and winning independence for America, the farmers were hoping to get back to their everyday life on the farm. The Massachusetts government did not hesitate to impose such high taxes on the farmers. Shays demanded that the government issue more paper currency to help them pay their debts.

If they have not, employ the force of government against them at once," meaning if what they are fighting for is beyond a petty problem, fix them. The farmers, like the radicals under British control, felt paranoid about the taxation, thinking the worst about the people enforcing the taxes.

Hancock shortly after was elected as the new governor of Massachusetts. The British only wanted the colonies as a source of revenue for the mother country, but the states were trying to get America out of debt for a future of prosperity. He believed that a rebellion is "a medicine necessary for the sound health of government," meaning that societies need rebellions to question the existing government and affect change.

The legislature wanted to avoid inflation and did not want the face value of money to decline so it denied their appeal. Unfortunately, their plan failed because the arsenal was being successfully guarded by Major General William Shephard. The people, however, were used to getting their way, and revolting when they felt they were being treated unjustly.

He wanted tax reliefs, postponement of the payment of debts, and for the government to stop imprisoning people on account of their debt.

Shays Rebellion

As many farmers were captured, Shays was able to avoid getting caught and escaped to Vermont. But if not, the rebellion should not be tolerated. Being able to occupy and maintain control of the courthouses in Massachusetts meant that no more farmers would unjustly represented in court.

However, the Revolutionary War left the United States with substantial debt as well as a devastating economic depression, leaving the farmers in trouble from the start.

Hancock, portraying mercy and forgiveness, informed the people that the rebels involved may have been misled in their participation, and if those rebels were to come forward by September 12, and pledge an oath of allegiance to the state, their actions should be forgiven.

Conflicts quickly ensued between the farmers and the Massachusetts legislature. He believed any rebellion justified.

This was the idea of "independence" to the extreme, but it became clear that a national constitution was needed to unify the weak, disjointed America in order for it to become prosperous and hold true to its founding ideals. Farming was what the farmers relied on in order to live. There is no telling as to what Shays followers would have done if they had seized the federal arsenal in Springfield.

He also wrote, "If they have real grievances, redress them if possible; or acknowledge the justice of them, and your inability to do it in the present moment.

While the British taxes on the colonies helped the British pay their war debts, the state taxes were set in place to gain a better economical standing in the world as a new nation. The farmers efforts to take action and not allowing courts from having their legal proceedings along with releasing fellow farmers out of jail, made the people question how safe their society was under its form of government.Shays’ Rebellion had a lasting effect on Massachusetts and also on the federal government.

It helped show some of the weaknesses the government had at the time and the changes it needed to make. The rebellion proved to other states that equal representation was needed in states in order to keep all citizens satisfied.

shays’s rebellion and the u.s. constitution essay Words | 11 Pages SHAYS’S REBELLION AND THE U.S. CONSTITUTION Introduction Although not widely known, Shays’s Rebellion greatly impacted the debate on sovereignty and led many to conclude that the only possible solution was the centralization of power in a national authority.

Essays on When Is Rebellion Justified. When Is Rebellion Justified Search. inspired the poet to make his own private rebellion by not wanting to "make gifts to mares and antics on stage can be justified here since he was drawing his Words; 28 Pages; The Handmaid's Tale.

"Shays Rebellion Which Side Was Justified" Essays and Research Papers Shays Rebellion Which Side Was Justified Shay’s Rebellion was the revolt of Western Massachusetts farmers against their state legislature because they felt they were being unequally represented.

What were the issues that led to Shays" Rebellion? Could the Rebellion have been dealt with differently by authorities?

If so how? Why did the Rebellion frighten the people outside of Massachusetts?. Daniel Shays was a respected Revolutionary War soldier as well as a farmer.

Daniel Shays strongly disagreed with the government after the war/5(2). To not realize that and take a risky move and put their lives in danger wasn’t very justified; people even died in the rebellion. The taxes also weren’t like the British ones where they were paid to cover a debt and for luxuries for the King.

Shays rebellion was not justified essay
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