Psyc 1001

Culturally relevant styles of communication, values from different cultures, racial identity, power and privilege, and issues around health and mental health.

Advanced seminar for undergraduate students focusing on recent developments in cognitive science. Philbeck ChairP. Critical examination of humanistic psychology. Language Acquisition and Development.

Ways of responding to loss and death including grief, mourning, Psyc 1001 bereavement. Survey of the history, theories, and values guiding community psychology; models of service delivery. Lifespan Developmental Psychopathology II.

Practical experience with all stages from the formulation of research questions and hypotheses to questionnaire design, sampling, pilot, testing, interviewing, coding, and data cleaning. Introduction to the theory, methods, and research of cross-cultural psychology, with emphasis on immigrants and ethnic minorities in the United States and on other cultures.

Multiculturalism in the modern diverse society. Students must have weekly Psyc 1001 of time available.


Development of Psychometric Instruments. Current theories and research on culture, with culture being broadly defined to include race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability status, and socioeconomic status.

Includes philosophy of science, types of research design, and methods of data collection. Teaching assistants are typically recruited for this role. Fulfills the social content requirement for the Psychology major.

Required Text Myers, David G. Fulfills the biopsychology content requirement for the Psychology major. Infancy, childhood, and adolescence. A survey of the various theories of death and suicide. Assessment, treatment, community approaches, ethics.

Psychological theories and research pertinent to understanding couple and family functioning is covered. Current conceptions of learning, memory, and cognition; the research upon which these conceptions are based; applications to practical contexts.

Typical developmental patterns will be analyzed, as will genetic, social, and environmental determinants. Topics vary but typically include fundamental issues such as how intimate relationships develop and change over time, communication, conflict and support in close relationships, and the role of gender in shaping experiences in close relationships.

Restricted to Psychology graduate students only. The entire life-span from conception to death will be studied with emphasis on theoretical approaches and empirically obtained data. Basic theoretical models of research in ethnic, racial, and cultural diversity and new directions in the field.

Students examine previous research, design and carry out research projects, and write psychological research reports. Zea Associate Professors D. Topics vary and may include perception, attention, memory, representation, and cognitive control, as well as neural bases of cognitive processes.

Theories and issues related to the emergence and effectiveness of leaders, with focus on leadership behaviors and processes in organizations.

Psychological Research Methods and Procedures. Lifespan Developmental Psychopathology I. The influence of culture on major psychology concepts.


Alexandra Horowitz, Tovah P. Arrangements must be made with sponsoring faculty member prior to registration. Emphasis on development of models of organizational effectiveness; design of valid diagnostic instruments; implementation of research strategies; establishment of program evaluation criteria.

Contemporary theoretical and research trends in selected contemporary areas of psychology. Psychological aging and development during the adult years, with an emphasis on theories of adult development and research on changes in cognitive functioning and social adjustment in early, middle, and later adulthood.

Also addressed are current issues concerning the practice of clinical psychology. Introduction to the structure and function of the nervous system. Psychological Measurements and Statistics. Psychology of Work Group Development.Here is the best resource for homework help with PSYC Introduction to Psych I at Carleton University.

Find PSYC study guides, notes, and practice. Prerequisites: BC and one of the following: BC/ Social Psychology, BC/ Cognitive Psychology, or permission of the instructor.

Survey of research from the field of social cognition, exploring cognitive processes involved in. Prereq: PSYC or equiv.; three years of high school mathematics or MATH or equiv.; admission to University Honors Program.

PSYC Research Methods and Designs in Psychology. Studying PSYC Psychology at University of Sydney? On StuDocu you find all the study guides, past exams and lecture notes for this course. An examination of the major personality theories and ideas within the field of psychology.

Includes but not limited to, psychoanalytic, Neo-Freudian, humanistic and behavioral ideas, and methods of personality measurement.

Department of Psychology COURSE OUTLINE (/, SEMESTER ONE) Updated on 9 Sep 1. Basic Course Information Course Code PSYC Course Title Introduction to Psychology Course Credits 6 Lecture Time & Venue Thursday – ; LE1 Tutorials Please sign up for tutorials on Moodle from Sep 8 (Fri) 2pm to Sep 14 .

Psyc 1001
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