Problem statement of lubricant industry essay

Such macro crystals restrict the easy flow of the system due to loss of kinetic energy of individual molecules during self stacking. Normally high oleic oils show poor Brookfield viscosity, but this behavior can be helped with the addition of pour point depressants.

Since poor pour point high was the major hurdle in the use of vegetable oils as lubricants, the first task was to bring down the pour point to desired level. How to cite this page Choose cite format: By blending the high quality oils with Problem statement of lubricant industry essay quality of oils in term of anti-oxidants can improve the quality of anti-oxidants of the lower quality oils.

Mineral oil- A distilled product of petroleum especially one used as a lubricant, moisturizer, or laxative.

The Indian Lubricant Market: Survival of the Slickest Essay

Bio-based lubricants are expected to grow at a good pace on account of increasing environmental concerns across the world.

Application Insights Chemical manufacturing was the leading application in the industrial lubricants marketaccounting for nearly The Indian lubes market is a combative market place and lubricant companies find themselves fighting a tough battle for survival. Standard methods for determination of used frying oil deterioration such as changes in color, viscosity, free fatty acids, peroxide value, p-anisidine value, iodine value, specific extinction and total polar compounds were used to evaluate the oils.

The original equipment market contributes almost 70 percent and 30 percent of the market is comprised by the retail sales segment.

The predominantly saturated fatty acid content of certain tropical oils like coconut oil compounds the problem further. Various chemical reaction mechanism based on free radicals are thought to be involved in the oxidative degradation of engine oils Igarashi, Several tests have been developed to measure biodegradability.

Triacylglycerols oxidation normally takes place at the double bond proceeding via a formation of hydroxides to ketones and aldehyde. We also offers customization on reports based on specific client requirement.

Vegetable oils are also found to be temperature sensitive in the case of tribological properties especially at high temperatures.

Vegetable Oil as Lubricant Essay Sample

In that regards, lubricants are an indispensable part of industrial activities. One or more anti-oxidant was added to the selected vegetable oils at recommended level supplier.

However, volatile prices in mineral oils, which are used as raw materials is expected to hamper the market growth in near future.

In the next couple of years, the industry is going to witness sea changes. Convenient stores and highway stops for vehicles are being built from where the vehicle owners can get their vehicles repaired and get their supply of lubricants.

Lubricants serve to reduce friction, wear and tear, and corrosion from such elements, while optimizing production levels and reducing servicing downtime.

Private participants will also gain a presence in the Indian oil and gas sector and hence there will be competition between participants that will ensure the growth of the sector.

Besides that, counterfeiting has become the major issue for various types of products in the market. They are not as effective in vegetable oils. Latin America lubricants market has been witnessing lucrative growth on account of increasing automobiles demand in this region.

Maximum sales are achieved through mechanics and retail stores.

Problem Statement of Lubricant Industry Essay

In the lube market, Indian Oil Corporation Limited is leading the market with 30 percent market share.Dec 05,  · Automotive Essay. Toyota's Objectives in Global Automotive Industry. Problem Statement: Camar Automotive Hoist (CAH) produces top quality automotive hoists.

The company is currently faced with making a critical decision which may significantly effect its future operations and long term competitiveness.

Real-Time Quality Management in. Industry Studies Custom Research Focus Reports INDUSTRY MARKET RESEARCH FOR BUSINESS LEADERS, STRATEGISTS, DECISION MAKERS Lubricant Additives Study # April $ Lubricants Market Analysis, Market Size, Application Analysis, Regional Outlook, Competitive Strategies And Forecasts, To Vegetable Oil as Lubricant Essay Sample.

The lubricant industry could be poised to take advantage of oilseed biotechnology to produce high performance base oils that are compatible with the current stable of additives used in the lubrication industry.

Poor response to pour point can be modified problem too can be addressed by. Indian lubricant industry in a recent past has presented new market opportunities. Indian Lubricant Industry An Introduction Marketing Essay.

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Synthetic Lubricants Market - Global Synthetic Lubricants Industry Growth, Size, Share, Analysis And Forecast Report Projected to grow at a CAGR of almost 2% from tosynthetic lubricant market is expected to grow significantly over the forecast period owing to growing consumer in emerging countries such as Europe and North America.

Problem statement of lubricant industry essay
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