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Masala e- Kashmir Urdu Pages. Get all the facts on. Kashmir dunya ka woh bad qismat khita hai. The then Prime Minister of India stated that, regarding the accession of the State of Kashmir the wishes of the people of the State would be taken into account, and not only the rules applicable to the other States.

Kashmir dunya ka woh bad qismat khita hai jis ko aaj tak azadi naseeb nahin ho saki kashmir beauty hai paradise hai yai aik jannat jesi khubsurat jagah hai. The three options were that, either they accede to India, or accede to Pakistan.

Even to this step taken by India the Pakistani reply is not a follow up of a ceasefire by them but with guns and shells. Dr Niaz Murtaza Contesting Kashmir. This means that, a little mistake in the past has caused and is causing havoc to the State and to the people of the State of Kashmir.

While all the States did the needful the State of Kashmir took a unique turn, an eventful and an unprecedented turn. After having dealt with the problem for fifty years, it is felt that, even to-day, the problem defies any solution, at least in the near future.

India has all through these years sought to find a solution to the problem, which is amicable and mutually acceptable to all the parties involved. Kashmiri language - Wikipedia. United Nation ne 17 april13 august5 january aur 23 december ko kashmir ko istaswab-e-raye ka haq dene ki qarardadain paas ki hain.

Most Kashmiri speakers use Urdu or English as a second language.

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Kashmiriyon se izhar-e-yakjehti ka din tareekh mein pehli baar 14 august ko puray bar-e-sagheer mein manaya gya. Related ; Pakistani magazines; Kashmir newspapers. The position at that time was that, all the States that comprised India, and had been independent, had three clear options, available to them.

Pakistan mein is roz aam tateel yani public holiday hoti hai aur is silsile ka aghaz mein jamat-e-Islami ki appeal se hua, us waqt Pakistan mein benazir bhutto ki hukumat thi tab se ab tak ye silsila jari hai.

University of Azad Jammu Kashmir, Urdu, language support in archive, meaning "respected". Home Earthquake in pakistan essay in urdu : The plea taken by the Jehadis is that, they are fighting for their right of freedom.

The net result of all this being a big zero we remain as is where is even after fifty years of attempting for a solution.

The one WHo eliminated Kashmir World fro. Bahar ati hai tou rang gulistan badalne lagta hai. Dunya bhar khas kar Pakistan ke Muslims 5 february ko. Gilgil Bultistan Ki Azadi: With this situation remaining for so long a period, it does not appeal to any reason that, relations of the two neighbours will ever improve.

Mahraja ne Musalmanon ko pasmanda rakhne ke liye bari koshishain ki yehi wajah hai ke ke baad dogra hukamranon ke khilaf tak koi numayan awaz nahin uthi, Is arsay mein Musalmanon ki nisf darjan se zaid anjmanain ya jamatien ban chuki thien magar dogra ke zulam-o-sitam ki wajah se Musalman sar na utha sakay.

The third option was that they could remain independent of both India and Pakistan. Ae Wadi-e-Kashmir Bashaoor Pakistan. Jammu and Kashmir - Wikipedia. Kashmir day hd wallpapers free download world news Seeing no benefit accruing to it by small and far apart skirmishes of big and small magnitude for the last ten years Pakistan is trying to eliminate the minority of Hindus from the State by reigning terror in the State.

Kaha jata ke kashmir dunya ka qadeem tareen tanaza hai aur ye bhi kaha jata hai ke agar naam nihad muhazab dunya n is tanaza ko hal nahin kiya tou shayed dunya mein pehli baqaida aalmi atomic jang aur dunya ki aik bari tabahi ka sabab kashmir hi banay ga. Is ke ilawa kashmir 13 july ko ke shohda aur 6 november ko ke shohda ki yaad mein yom-e-shoshda, 24 october ko mein azad kashmir hukumat ke qayam ki yaad mein youm-e-azadi, 27 october ko ke bharti tasalat, 27 july ko mein kashmiriyon ko taqseem karne wali LOC ke khilaf aur har saal 26 january ko bharti youm-e-jamhuria ke moqa par youm-e-siya manate hain.

Albata cheen ne khuch alaqa ki jang mein bharat se cheena jabkeh muraba meel alaqa Pakistan se 16 march mein Pakistan China agreement ke teht hasil kiya hai. Taking full advantage of the declaration of the Prime Minister that, the people of Kashmir will decide their own fate, Pakistan has, all through these past fifty and odd years of independence of India been harping on the taking of an opinion poll in the State.

Yahan hum rayasat jammu kashmir aur tanaza kashmir ke mazi, haal aur mustaqbil ke hawale se khuch tareekhi haqaiq paish karain gey jo tareekh ke students ke liye intihai aham paragraphs hain.

Dogra governor ghansar singh ko giraftar kar ke Islami Jamhuria Gilgit ki bunyad rakhi gyi jabkeh baltistan aur degar alaqon mein atk jang jari rahi.

There have been talks and declarations a number of times but there seems to be no end of the continued struggle for the little State of Kashmir. Hum jub rayasat jammu kashmir ka jaiza laite hain tou dogra hukamranon ke dor mein tak siasi khamoshi nazar aati hai.

The Kashmir Valley is a valley in the portion of the Kashmir region administered by India?Masla-E-Kashmir [Ahmad Shuja Pasha] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Masla-E-Kashmir by Ahmad Shuja Pasha. Free kashmir papers, essays, and research papers.

Kashmir is known for its natural beauty. [tags: himalayas, urdu, karam sag, kashmir] Strong Essays words | (3 pages) | Preview. South Asia is home to one fourth of the human race and has the largest middle class anywhere in the world.

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But the region also accounts for the majority. Essay on “The Kashmir problem” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes. Kashmir Issue between India and Pakistan Posted by Nauman on Sep 27, in Uncategorized The state of Jammu and Kashmir (کشمیر), which existed in when the Subcontinent achieved its independence, had started taking shape inwhen the Valley of Kashmir was sold by the British East India Company to Ghulab Singh (گلاب سنگھ. There are tons of free term papers and essays on Masla e Kashmir Essay In Urdu on CyberEssays. Aaj 5th February Yani Kashmir Day Hy, Kashmir Term Papers. .

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