Lufthansa seat assignment

While on board, there were only two people in the three exit row seats. They had moved me for no reason at all. On one flight, while I was waiting for the meal service to begin, I asked if I could have another Diet Coke. My guess is she got bumped and then someone else took the seat. I was told that that information is no longer collected but that my booking did not give the names as they appeared on the passports, i.

British Airways did the same thing to me this summer. Were they on an LH ticket and not UA? Even paid business gets me moved around to whatever seat they feel like. Cranky — have you thought of doing a story on the real value we get from Oneworld, Star, Skyteam? Now you will wait for dinner. The subcontract out the ticket agent staff to another airline.

No one likes Lufthansa for the GDS surcharge. Why would we book them unless we absolutely had to if their service is lacking? Same scam, different flavor. But, to be fair, there are good people and good products at LH when you find them.

Seat assignments on Lufthansa

I am just trying to think of reasons why she might have been moved in the first place. From reading this, it could have been any type business now a days.

I did the DOT dance.

United/Lufthansa code share--can't reserve seats until departure??????

Thanks for the clarification. Then of course there are all the people who read via RSS and on the website. Weight and balance is not often and issue with that airplane. I believe that is the protocol at UA so those who book the bulkhead always have some chance, albeit a small one, of being moved legitimately.

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Its also possible you were moved for weight and balance issues, but thats unlikely given that you were over the wing, where weight and balance matters less. Peter in Boulder, CO. I doubt they sold it twice at the same time.

It was on a United ticket. I too have challenges with seat assignments, upgrades, etc. If so why did the other passenger take priority? Every person, even the surliest and rudest airline employee must be afforded the respect due to humans.

I even complained to the Oneworld desk a waste of time. I have no idea what happened. Workers are not trained fully for the job they do which could mean not even knowing where to look to find an answer or solve the problem.Oct 14,  · I've got 3 coach tickets purchased from Seattle to Venice in December, code-share United & Lufthansa, purchased on Expedia.

When I purchased, I was under the impression that I would be able to purchase a seat assignment. Inter European flights can not be done in advance but the transatlantic flights should be ok to get assignment in advance.

I booked Lufthansa day prior and got seat selection at that time. Add Lufthansa to the list of airlines that play games with confirmed seat assignments.

An Award Expert client needed to travel from Newark to Zurich this week and wanted first class. Since SWISS generally does not release first class award space, we booked him through Frankfurt on Lufthansa still a great steal at 70K Aeroplan miles one-way.

For Lufthansa’s flight out to Frankfurt, the options were a) buy a regular seat assignment for $35, b) buy a bulkhead/exit row seat for $, or c) gamble and wait until check-in.

After reviewing the options, Steffi and Heidi decided they wanted a bulkhead row and were willing to pay the $ each. Lufthansa flies to about destinations, 18 of which are domestic.

Internationally it flies to 81 countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, North America and South America. The carrier, which is a member of the Star Alliance, also has codeshare agreements with six other airlines. Seat reservation for Lufthansa flight booked on United.

I get the message "Come back within 23 hours of departure to Check in and select a seat through Lufthansa". I think this is an improvement— about ten years ago I seem to recall I couldn't get a seat assignment on LH until day-of-departure.

And there was plenty of consternation at.

Lufthansa seat assignment
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