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But whatever the size of the challenge, mistakes are gifts. Well, break it apart, of course, and reassemble those pieces the right way. Create the framework for your life by sorting out all the parts with the straight Lifes puzzles that give some form and structure to your dreams, your desired picture.

However, the wrong way is often the right track. Many long hours passed and emotions of frustration, accomplishment, and optimism were repeated until the puzzle was completed. Keep referring back to the image that you will become to identify landmarks and to see larger sections that will give you an idea of the smaller pieces needed.

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As when putting together the puzzle, I would find myself caught in the spin cycle of frustration-accomplishment-optimism. Miraculously the elusive piece seems to appear right away.

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Your puzzle was put together the wrong Lifes puzzles. Our reasoning was that it was easier to start with some framework to which we would add the remaining pieces of the puzzle. At times, it was tempting to put the puzzle away and simply give up, declaring it a waste of time to continue because it was difficult and frustrating.

Soon you begin to visualize and discern images as they come together to form the overall vision of your life. Being shown that type of information is priceless. Never be afraid to trust someone, open your own business or fall in love.

Do you have a vision? Know the picture that you are putting together before sorting the pieces. What will it look and feel like? Putting together the puzzle was frustrating at times because try as we may, we could not find the pieces that were meant to interlock.

Everything you thought was perfect completely collapses. There may just be a few puzzle pieces that need rearranging or it may be an entire section.

We then began to sort out those pieces of the puzzle that formed the outline of the puzzle. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you.How is Your Life Like a Puzzle? January 18, by Mary Motivator Rau-Foster Awhile ago, my family and I spent hours putting together piece puzzles, an activity that had long ago been put aside.

Welcome to the Life Puzzle Center. We live in very challenging times. The world is changing so fast, it is making it difficult for humans to adjust and find their way. Life Sudoku: Every day a new Life Sudoku, there is also an archive from a month.

You can use either the keyboard or the mouse for this game. A Sudoku Puzzles game.3/5(2K).

Your Life Is a Puzzle

Consider for a moment that your life is a puzzle. It may be a simple puzzle with a hundred different pieces, or it may be a more complicated thousand- piece puzzle with a picture that's rather.

Still Life puzzle in Flowers jigsaw puzzles on Play full screen, enjoy Puzzle of the Day and thousands more. YOURLifeChoices Daily Crossword Puzzles are updated every afternoon. With 10 to choose from each day, we have your crossword needs covered.

With 10 to .

Lifes puzzles
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