Essays on animal testing is wrong

Some people claim that because animals do not have duties or responsibilities in the way humans do, they are not deserving of the same protection. Because animal tests are so unreliable, they make those human trials all the more risky.

Animals are force-fed harmful substances, infected with lethal viruses, subjected to brain damage, heart attacks, stokes, cancers and ultimately killed. Animal experiments prolong the suffering of people waiting for effective cures by misleading experimenters and squandering precious money, time, and resources that could have been spent on human-relevant research.

No matter how many animal tests are undertaken, someone will always be the first human to be tested on. This means they can be harmed by confinement, frustration, fear, isolation, and loss of life — experiences unavoidable for animals confined in Laboratories and used in experiments.

It is morally wrong to toture animals for our own benefit. The fact that animals can suffer and experience pain is sufficient reason to refrain on moral grounds from harming them.

However, some humans have no responsibilities or duties, such as babies, the mentally ill, or very infirm, yet they are not stripped of their rights in this way. Beyond pain, there is also persuasive evidence that animals, in particular mammals and birds, have thoughts, intentions, and memories.

Animal Animal testing is cruel and inhuman!

Animal Testing is Wrong

I believe we should enact instead of animal testing, which has been proven to be highly ineffective testing on convicted criminals on death row, or prisoners looking to cut down some time in exchange for experimentation and observation.

Others argue that the potential benefit to human society justifies experiments on animals. This leads me to wonder what is actually being gained by animal experimentation.

The measurement of stress hormones, and presence of ulcers, immune suppression, abnormal behavior and brain dysfunction in laboratory animals, provide further evidence that animals commonly used in labs do suffer pain and distress.

However this argument is a slippery slope, as this reasoning would also justify experiments on a few non-consenting humans for the ultimate benefit of human society — a clearly unethical scenario.

Over 3 million animals have been tormented all in the name of research.

What I have to wonder is why do we test on animals, or feel the need to have people volunteer for something potential dangerous with its unknown side effects when we have child molesters, rapists, and murderers in prison who are catered to three meals a day?

Indeed, such individuals are usually considered more deserving of protection, not less. Cats, dogs, rabbits, mice and other animals, no different to those we have as pets, are used in experiments. Several cosmetic tests commonly performed on mice, rats, rabbits, and guinea pigs include:Animal testing is cruel and inhuman!

It is morally wrong to toture animals for our own benefit. Over 3 million animals have been tormented all in the name of research. Oct 23,  · Animal testing is the use of animals in biological, medical, and psychological studies.

Human beings and many animals have similar organ systems and body processes. Experiments on animals help scientists increase knowledge about the way the human body works. Harmful Testing on Animals is Wrong In American society, many groups and organizations are debating whether or not animal testing should be banned.

Some people believe that there are reasons why animal testing should be done. Persuasive Essays On Why Animal Testing Is Wrong  Animal testing must stop By:Shaniqua Wright Animal testing started with Ancient Greeks.

It go back as far as BC. Since than humans depend on animal testing for every product or medications. Animal Testing Is Wrong Essay Words | 7 Pages. Animal testing has been around since the third and fourth centuries BC, when it was performed by Greek philosopher-physicians.

However, it is unknown when people began to question this process. Animal testing is wrong and it is cruelty to animals. Each year about five million dogs, cats, rabbits, rats, monkeys, and other animals die in lethal dose tests performed in many states around the United States.

Essays on animal testing is wrong
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