Essay on my first flight journey

The plane flew very fast rushing through the air without a bump or a jolt when all of a sudden bad weather overtook us.

On the news I heard about how "thoroughly" passengers were patted down, another fear of mine I had picked up.

841 Words Essay on my First Ride in an Aeroplane

I knew my mother was asking about my flight time to the guards and they all reassured her I was going to be on time for it. When the plane was at sufficient height, I looked through the pane of window. I had to wait over a year to see him again face to face for a second time.

This was the end of my first trip by air and it had ended before I could register any moments of pleasure. A very intimate friend of my father lived in Katmandu. The buzzing sound which had fascinated me from ground now belonged to me. As we rose above the ground, I could see the roads, vehicles on the roads, plain land, orchards gardens and Oh what a beautiful sight it was from the height.

I was to go with my parents who were going to Bangalore for a holiday. As we finally arrived in Houston mother and I looked for the George Bush Intercontinental Airport exit, once we found it they had these letters for the gates of the people who had flights.

They changed colours along with the change in the degrees of sunshine and shadows of clouds. I felt nervous, but my brother caught me by the arm and told me that I was quite safe there, I began to enjoy the journey as the aeroplane went high above the sky over Delhi.

It was a very interesting and exciting one indeed. After she realized it was useless talking to them we both went to gate 12 to wait for the flight that left at It was a very interesting and exciting journey indeed. The ships below looked like toys floating in a tub of water.

He had conquered nature.

Essay on an journey by air

As I recovered from the pang, the plane had touched the ground, we had landed on the Bangalore airport, and the plane was moving fast on the runway.

Turns out I get to see Walker before my luggage. As I was putting back on my shoes another guard came up to me and asked to look in my bathroom pouch. The guard nodded an okay to me so I could continue to get my stuff from the belt.

I was one of the fortunate few. But my first flight in the air was the most exciting experience in my life. By the time we got to the end of the security line it was already 9: He had won victory even over the air.

As I was listening to the lady tell her story she was given another ticket for the next flight. I took great pleasure in looking at the scenery of the different places as we passed over.

When I heard my parents discuss the plan, I was absolutely thrilled, and my excitement knew no bounds when they finalised that, we would go by air to Bangalore to save two days which we would spend in a train. Its Line colour added to its beauty.

419 Words Essay on my First Flight by Aeroplane

Next came off my shoes, turning them over so the soles were facing the ceiling, then I had to take off my bracelets, rings and empty out my pockets. I looked for my belt, but did wonder why we were being asked to do so. Then it was with a feeling of surprise I noticed that the ground was at some distance beneath me.

At long last, after a very long wait as it appeared, the curious wait ended and 15th December came and we started off from home to the airport. I walked down to the boarding site and the two luggage Essay on my first flight journey playfully said to me and two others that were walking to the plane, "Sorry but you just missed it.

Big trees looked like small plants, men and women moving in the streets appeared to be very small like so many ants. A couple minutes later the plane started to go backwards then turned to the right toward the runway.

I was lucky enough to not experience that on this flight. But the most beautiful thing was the scene around me. I entered the aeroplane with great joy. My father woke me up. Soon after I had seated myself there, the sound of the engines rose to a roar as moved off, and gradually its speed.

Only after a few seconds I think I was alright and felt normal and now, I looked on to the ground we had just left. On the day of the flight my mother and I woke up around 5:Essay on an journey by air Rohit Agarwal Advertisements: How many people have the good fortune to travel by plane?

I was one of the fortunate few. My first flight in the air was the most exciting experience in my life. I was travelling from Delhi to London by air. I entered the aeroplane in the morning.

My First Airplane Ride essays"Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return" Leonardo da Vinci.

For me, the fear of the unknown can be very exciting. My first encounter flying. Walking through the automatic doors I enter the airport for the first time on my own. My fear My First Time Going On a Plane. September 17, my ticket I got on the plane. The flight. However, since that flight, controversy has been raging over who actually achieved first in flight.

Although the Wright Brothers have been historically proven to have achieved the first, sustained, powered, controlled, heavier-than-air, manned flight, they were not truly the first fly. My first trip essaysI still remember the first trip to the beach that I took with my close friends.

Two years ago, my friends and I went to Tamarindo Beach to rest and enjoy our vacation together. We had been planning this trip for two weeks. During these two weeks we made hotel reservations and b.

This was the end of my first trip by air and it had ended before I could register any moments of pleasure.

This first air ride was a memorable one, and a real experience. After that flight to Bangalore years back, I have not had a second opportunity though I'm sure I will soon get my second chance.

Essay on my first flight journey
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