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In Dry Lips, Nanabush Drylips oughta moveto kapuskasing played by a woman, and acts out the roles of all the women in the play--the casualties of cultural collision, and the transformative possibilities.

Although there is in some respects a cultural accommodation and a positive integration of some of the materialistic products of a White capitalistic society, the negative consequences of cultural collision are played out in the lives of the women and men who constitute the Native community of Wasaychigan Hill Indian Reserve, Manitoulin Drylips oughta moveto kapuskasing, Ontario.

The play premiered at Theatre PasseMuraille in Toronto on April 21, and soon garnered critical attention and awards. But the violence and anger are presented initially as farce.

Dry Lips Oughta Move to Kapuskasing by Tomson Highway

Dickie Bird Halked embodies the ills of the Rez society: Ironically, they have succeeded in bridging the gap between the cultures by dramatizing their collision, and effecting a "transformation" of response to Native culture. After leaving her abusive husband, Emily Dictionary joins a gang of Native lesbian "biker chicks" in San Francisco, one of whom, Rose, has been driven to self-destruction by her experience of "how fuckin hard it is to be an Indian in this country" Native Earth Performing Arts Inc.

Instead, Dry Lips leaves the reader with a sense of realism. The Canadian Theatre Encyclopedia web site was originally conceived and developed in by Gaetan Charlebois—theatre critic, playwright, and actor.

Dry Lips Oughta Move To Kapuskasing

On an Indian reserve or "Rez"the men band together to protest an all-girl hockey team. Most of the men are casualties of the collision with White society--disempowered, irresponsible, self-destructive.

Even my wife, Veronique St. Her insides turned, a hot burning sensation flitted about the stone of her. I think it is very important that it continue to be so to prevent the stagnation of our imaginations, our spirits, our souls.

It occasioned critical controvery over the portrayal of the denigration of Native women by the men. For Native American tribes, purple has strong otherworldly associations.

These short-term goals are primarily unconscious tactics for psychological survival, providing a way of addressing physical needs and of ameliorating current living conditions.

Major themes are the disrespect shown to women, a turning away from Native culture, and the ever-present power of women in general, overlooked by almost all of the male characters in the play.

The action of the play is very frantic and scattered at times. Although the mood darkens with the rape of Patsy Pegahmagahbow and the death of Simon Starblanket, and the Rez descends into chaos with the playing of the hockey game, harmony is eventually restored when Zachary awakens from his nightmare -- which has comprised the preceding action in the play.

This is punctuated with a particularly disturbing scene between Dickie Bird and Patsy. Winner of the Floyd S. The two acts are very well defined; the first act is very comedy heavy while the second is very tragedy filled and difficult to read in certain spots.

Spooky to Dickie Bird: The commonality between these criticisms is that they see the play as supporting, instead of questioning, colonial misunderstandings about Indigenous peoples. Against it, in silhouette, we see Simon, wearing his powwow bustle.

Also, the stage directions are very detailed and more than are typical in contemporary drama; I think this would likely leave little room for a director to leave their stamp on a production. But the recognition of differences is not necessarily a conception of cultures in essentializing terms, as Sheila Rabillard argues in her post-colonial analysis of the two plays as "hybridizations.

Importantly, it is within this colonial context that the male characters in Dry Lips interact with, and express a lack of understanding and appreciation for, women.

Generally, I did not enjoy reading this brutish play and would probably not recommend it to anyone except in rare or specific cases.

Perhaps Highway is suggesting that the nightmare of the colonization of the First Nations in Canada must be witnessed and acknowledged, but that it need not preclude the possibility of domestic and social harmony. Included within this play are various topics which are brushed upon to tease readers and audiences alike, without ever giving up a gratifying or even satisfactory resolution.

This exchange, which occurs fairly early in the play, allows Highway to bring together the various themes that he intended to emphasize.

Canadian Theatre Encyclopedia

Highway confounds the pervasive comedic direction of the play to expose the poison. They beat us to the ground. Canada, Indigenous Criticism, Cree epistemology, colonialism, gender, masculinity] 1.

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His distorted views of White inculcated values are radically juxtaposed with the Native spirituality of Simon Starblanket, whose last name reifies the positive nature of his quest for the spiritual beliefs of his ancestors.

He has an obsession with Christianity but has an addiction to alcohol. The average literature student struggles with drama more than other genres and very very few literary blogs review books of drama.

There are a few small jokes, but this is not, overall, a humorous play—in fact Highway uses Native humor, language, and mythology to address the effects of European colonization on Native North American cultures, the realities of reservation life, and contemporary Native issues.

Several passages in "Dry Lips" are written in Cree, Ojibway or both and as a result serve to distance readers unfamiliar with the Native American languages from the text.

Writing in The Globe and Mail, Ray Conlogue said, "These many strands - bloody, comic, classical, contemporary, native and European - are not satisfactorily drawn together.The Dry Lips Oughta Move to Kapuskasing Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, character list, theme list, historical context, author biography and quizzes written by community members like you.


Anne Nothof. In The Rez Sisters and Dry Lips Oughta Move to Kapuskasing, Tomson Highway places in violent juxtaposition the cultural and spiritual values of Native and non-Native ultimedescente.comgh there is in some respects a.

Dry Lips Oughta Move to Kapuskasing, written by Tomson Highway, is a play that transports the audience into the mind of the protagonist, Zachary Jeremiah Keechigeesik, whose community experiences the many obstacles and. Why Dry Lips Oughta Move to Kapuskasing by Tomson Highway is the book that means the most to Duncan McCue "When I read it in the early s as a young Indigenous man, it made such a huge impact on me," says the Cross Country Checkup host.

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Dry Lips Oughta Move To Kapuskasing has ratings and 29 reviews. Nominee, Governor General's Literary Award for Drama Dry Lips Oughta Move to Kapuskas /5.

Drylips oughta moveto kapuskasing
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