Department of marketing tourism and hospitality essay

Also staff in these two sectors needs to have team work spirit so that they can help the company to grow in daily basis. For a small and medium tourism enterprise, it is vital to evaluate its website sometimes as it will inform the business about the usefulness, accessibility, functionality of the website.

Department of marketing tourism and hospitality essay hospitality and tourism industries, it is not a surprise to find the general manager attending guests by the reception office. Moreover, the information was correct and updated. Because of growing competition in the market and customers awareness of product it is regardless about the size of the business, what is most important is how the service is.

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Tourism and Hospitality

This is done consciously by the management after observing and sees the employees can work on their own. This is very important because tourism and hospitality industries are industries which depend to customers arriving and the business does well when the occupancy in all areas is high.

This is good and has positive impacts on the performance because the moment this style is practiced in a company employees gain the confidence on their jobs and so they can work efficiently and effectively. This can be achieved by counselling the owner s of the business about the importance of introducing ICTs in the company.

It makes the industry more efficient, competitive and reachable to the customers. Trained staff can be given authority in different daily business operations. It marked web 2. Content received 19 out of This will help to reduce the staff cost significantly. For a smooth interactivity it is important to have a good content for the website.

Moreover, the hotel uses extranet to communicate with other organisation, allowing business partners to distribute information and processes.

Hospitality Industry Conclusion

And as the technology change always in case there is another system which can be more useful than OPERA the company can still invest in training its employees. These applications keep the customer interacting with a business always.

Having an app of a particular business on those devices make sure customer are aware of what is going on in that business. Few studies also showed negative ICT productivity efforts but it is true that the research within hotel sector was limited on that period.

Till now I have not found any other tuition institute that helps in the fast progress of the students. Sometimes it is a challenge to the companies when they spend money and time to train employees and soon after, the trained employees leave the company.

In terms of security, the author of this report believes, the ICT has gone far away. For instance, Receptionist of the hotel needs to know the status of the rooms all the time.

Besides, internet-enabled distribution process can help an organisation to maintain the link customer demand and supply.

Cloud computing is another remarkable use of ICT in hospitality industry which allows a business to keep connection with the users at all the time. Hospitality is a frequently used title for different sectors of the hotel and catering industry, and can be expanded to cover all products and services offered to the consumer away from home including travel, lodging, eating, entertainment, recreation and gaming Knowles, p 3.

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Human Resource challenges and issues Rapid technological change Development of technology where people serve themselves in different day to day service.

Moreover, own staff of the organisation will look after the ICT system more carefully than the outside people. About this resource This Management essay was submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. An example can be Hilton hotel Hilton, People travel from different places when arrived to the destination places they experience differences and they demand a number of services such as food, drinks, accommodation and sometimes conference cervices.

Most of the time receptionist can get this information from housekeepers. This is probably because the research was carried out long time ago when there were only few ICT applications available Sigala, In this assignment, the learner conducted quantitative method to evaluate the website of Hoxton Hotel.

Website evaluation of Hoxton Hotel: Design section in the evaluation got 12 marks off Moreover, the assessor has found the absence of significant and credible link of other sites in the webpage apart from trip advisor and social networking sites.The Relationship Between Hospitality and Tourism Essay Words | 7 Pages.

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relationship between Hospitality and Tourism: Tourism and hospitality go hand in hand, the hospitality industry offer services like accommodation, transportation, food and beverage, recreation and leisure. HTM Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism 2_ ASSUMPTION UNIVERSITY MARTIN DE TOURS SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT AND ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT OF HOSPTIALITY AND TOURISM MANAGEMENT SYLLABUS 2/ Course Title Prerequisites Lecturer Contact Location Course Description HTM Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism.

The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing rewards pioneering hotels for their environmental performance. Incentives to Grow Mid-Market Hotel Segment We’re increasing hotel stock, especially the mid-market segment. Good essay topics on Hospitality. Hospitality covers a very wide range of topics and spheres that can be explored, including theme parks, cuisine, transportation, event planning, tourism, and many others.

Hospitality Industry Conclusion From the above discussion it can be concluded that in a service related business as in case of a café the need of /5(K). Marketing strategy is important for every business.

An effective marketing strategy can help a business to get more profit and also getting high position in competitive business market.

Marketing strategy can be the life or death of a business. Having a wrong strategy, business will go down.

Department of marketing tourism and hospitality essay
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