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Players should also ensure that they learn safe and proper footwork, with the knee and foot in alignment on all lunges. Shuttlecock A shuttlecock often abbreviated to shuttle; also called a birdie is a high-drag projectilewith an open conical shape: When the opportunity arises, however, the pair will switch back to the standard mixed attacking position, with the woman in front and men in the back.

Against weaker players whose intended strokes are obvious, an experienced player may move before the shuttlecock has been hit, anticipating the stroke to gain an advantage.

The cork is covered with thin leather or synthetic material. When playing a net shot, slicing underneath the shuttlecock may cause it to turn over itself tumble several times as it passes the net.

In the forecourt and midcourt, most strokes can be played equally effectively on either the forehand or backhand side; but in the rear court, players will attempt to play as many strokes as possible on their forehands, often preferring to play a round-the-head forehand overhead a forehand "on the backhand side" rather than attempt a backhand overhead.

High levels of lateral support are useful for activities where lateral motion is undesirable and unexpected.

The club then developed the first set of rules of the game. The game used shuttlecock which was hit by a Battledore paddle. The description and the objectives of this game are very similar to that of badminton today.

For example, a net shot can force the opponent to lift the shuttlecock, which gives an opportunity to smash. This can be used to create drop shots and smashes that dip more steeply after they pass the net. Final Thoughts Modern badminton creation is attributed to England.

India played a vital role in the development of this game. After a successful drive or push, the opponents will often be forced to lift the shuttlecock. Compared to running shoes, badminton shoes have little lateral support.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Other factors When defending against a smash, players have three basic options: Five regional confederations are associated with the BWF: Drive serves are rare.

For the same reason, backhand smashes tend to be weak. Players frequently play certain strokes on the forehand side with a backhand hitting action, and vice versa.

The first badminton association was founded in in England. Vertical position of the shuttlecock A player prepares for a vertical jump smash When the shuttlecock is well below net height, players have no choice but to hit upwards.

Players will often do this to send opponents in the wrong direction. Second, backhand overheads cannot be hit with as much power as forehands: Mixed doubles A mixed doubles game — Scottish Schools under 12s tournament, TranentMay In mixed doubles, both pairs typically try to maintain an attacking formation with the woman at the front and the man at the back.

However, most people enjoy this game with slight or no idea at all of its history. India then joined as an affiliate. It was here where the nets were added and the game henceforth took the form known to date. Flick serves are used to prevent the opponent from anticipating the low serve and attacking it decisively.

Playing a backhand overhead has two main disadvantages. This is more than just a safety concern: If a pair cannot hit downwards, they will use flat strokes in an attempt to gain the attack. Olympic Games Badminton was first introduced as a demonstration game to Olympic Games in in Munich.

If an opponent tries to anticipate the stroke, he may move in the wrong direction and may be unable to change his body momentum in time to reach the shuttlecock.Brief History of Badminton Brief History of Badminton; Badminton in the US; Badminton has its origins in ancient civilisations in Europe and Asia.

The ancient game known as battledore (bat or. A Brief History of Badminton A badminton-like game was known in ancient Greece and Egypt - a game called battledore and shuttlecock - in which two players hit a feathered shuttlecock back and forth with tiny rackets. 1 BADMINTON ENGLAND Business Plan – Consistently produce Olympic Champions and get the nation playing badminton Note: This document was extracted from the web-based document published on.

Nov 05,  · starting badminton court business. Discussion in 'General Forum' started by i have no track record other than a great personal credit history (since i never ran a business of my own before). so yes, i would need to come up with a very solid business plan to attract lenders.

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A Brief History of Badminton

BADMINTON History The game of badminton originated in Siam, China over 2, years ago. It was brought to England in and was played somewhat like tennis. After being played in Canada, Build the game plan on a basis of alternate drop and clear shots, and then use the smash/drive as openings occur.

Run your opponent from the front to. A Brief History of Badminton Badminton By Arman Taher Badminton is an interesting sport which is played by either one or two players on each side of the court.

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Business plan brief history of badminton
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